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in a desperate attempt to re-connect with the outside world, Alice grabs a microphone and gets back to her podcastong roots with the closest questioning counterpart that was willing to listen -- her husband!

Episode 23: New Dish, Who Dis?!

We're back, dishes!!! DEAL WITH IT!!!!! (Also, please like, comment, and subscribe)

Episode 22: Requiem for a country music award

In episode 22 Alice and Johnny talk about the Country Music Awards, a pesky third thumb and Jennifer Lawrence's latest beau. 

Episode 21: Old Mill To Young Mill

On this episode, Alice and Johnny do their best to avoid election talk as Russell Crowe gets into more trouble and Beyonce proves herself to be superhuman. 

Episode 20: Old Enough To Drink Almost

In this super-sized episode, Johnny and Alice talk about all things new and exciting in the world of popular culture in this monumental 20th episode! Be sure to like, comment, and share on iTunes!

Episode 19: Goodnight, Sweet Pitt’s….

Out of respect for those involved, there will be no show notes for this week... 

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Episode 18: Bratz Doll Perfect

Johnny and Alice introduce friend of the show Jess Fisher on the podcast to discuss all the exciting, popular culture mishaps going on in the world today. Be sure to like, share, and comment about the show on iTunes. Also follow all the Dish goodness @HawtDishPodcast

Episode 17: Bleak Lively

After a less than stellar MTV VMA season, Johnny and Alice try to pick up the pieces and figure out what a 'Mill' is and if he/she is funny.. Please be sure to like, comment, and share the Dish with friends, families, and enemies. Follow along with all the fun @HawtDishPodcast too

Episode 16: Sued for the Summer

After an over extended Sunday Funday, the gang returns to bring the shade - and rehydrate. Johnny also uses his digital soapbox to put Lovato on blast and on trial. #DOWNWITHDEMI 

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Episode 15: Stranger Queens

Alice and Johnny discuss their love of the 80s, their hate for Heigl, and the lovable, bearable nature of Seth Rogen. Please be sure to like, comment, and share on iTunes and @HawtDishPodcast

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